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Client Services

RJM has the following aims in regard to client service:

  • To maximise all existing opportunities

  • To create new opportunities

  • To ensure a personal, hands-on relationship is created with RJM

  • To ensure strong relationships exist for RJM's media and entertainment clients with their respective employers and all other potential media or income-generating outlets

  • To deliver an enhanced lifestyle to the client built on:

    • Clearly defined goals

    • Financial security

    • Family support services

    • Communication

  • For RJM's younger sport clients, create a mentor group to assist the development of relationships, both business and personal, which will secure a well-planned life beyond sport

  • To ensure ownership by the client of their image, copyright and intellectual property

  • To plan and manage positive media exposure in both domestic and international markets.

​In assessing management options, we see the following as the key issues all our clients have raised on management.

  1. The client wants to speak to and be managed by the principals of the company, not an ‘account manager’.

  2. The client wants his/her manager to establish and maintain close working relations with sponsors through regular contact (not just at contract renewal time).

  3. The client wants due diligence to be conducted on all business opportunities prior to entering any agreements.

  4. The client requires his/her manager to place the client's needs and wishes before the financial goals of the management company.

  5. The client requires management that will provide strong guidance, training and direction in good times and bad – honesty and maturity in the client/manager relationship.

  6. The client requires his/her management to take a strategic perspective based on longevity, equity and copyright.

  7. The client requires his/her management company to create a caring attitude towards the client’s personal needs


We are structured at RJM to react in a positive way to all these needs.

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